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About us: Collaborating with Chubb Media gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Through innovative and creative thinking. We take you the extra mile by merging different strategies and ideas. We use different methods and strategies to get your message out, such as Advertising, Events, Entertainment, Interviews, Marketing, Music, Music Videos, Different types of Multimedia, Networking, News, Promotions, TV Shows, and Etc. It's important for us to Get Your Message Out. Be Seen. Be Heard.

Music & New
Marvin Weiland Christmas 2019 is Just around the corner. Enjoy the sounds of Marvin Weiland's "Eiszeit". The song has been well received bei Marvin's fans worldwide.

Marvin Weiland "Viva la Vida"
Hit the stores  -  Get it Now!!!
After speaking with Marvin, and visiting him in the Studio, we can say that you should prepare yourself for lots of great music from in the future.

                                  Can this be?  What are your thoughts?
The Conference Call of the Future
No more language barriers. Universal Language Translator Inc. Proudly releases their new feature called
"Conference Call". Watch the video below for more information.


ULT is a brand new App that you are supposed to have download already – it is still free for a limited period of time!


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